We Are A Big Family Of Craftspeople

Together, we work with the Hmong hill tribes of Thailand and local artisans to create Bags of Siam. Through the craft of textile bags, we aim to showcase the traditional art of Hmong embroidery all over the world.

The Hmong tribes we work with are rich in culture, history and art, known for distinctive textile patterns and vibrant colours. They live on the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Originally from southern China, they gradually migrated South due to political unrest. Today, many of the Hmong tribes people live in the remote forests of Northern Thailand (Lanna region). Their community relies on agriculture and other trades including textiles and manufacturing.

Traditionally, the fabrics used are made of Hemp, Cotton and Corduroy. The embroidery on the fabrics are mainly of elephants, birds and floral patterns. Their surroundings of nature and way of life are represented as these patterns. Having the ability to preserve their culture through art, fashion and embroidery is something we all cherish.

We would all like to thank you for helping us to empower the hill tribes and local artisans of Thailand through fair trade. Your purchases enables everyone to be able to make a living from doing something we love and have a passion for.

Please feel free to visit us if you are ever in Chiangmai, where you can see in person how we make our bags. Our address is 14/3 Tumbol Phrasing, Soi 6 Ampur Maung Chiang Mai, 52100 Thailand . Although we are based in Thailand, we have a distribution point in the UK to provide you with better service and faster delivery.

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