Effortless Fashion Hacks to Look Ramp-Ready & Glamorous

Ladies, in the pursuit of our goal to eliminate all your styling conundrums, we have put together some simple and effortless hacks to make you look good, and most importantly, feel good. 

Here, feast your eyes:

 Sharply Tailored Blazer

We all go through mornings when we sleep too much and end up with less 10 minutes to put together a decent work outfit. On such days, all you really need is a sharply tailored blazer with an energetic color palette, preferably red or navy blue, to give you an energetic makeover. With a powerful blazer at hand, you can put together an effortlessly chic statement within seconds. All you need is a lovely blouse or even a basic black button-down, sleek straight pants or wide leg pants, and a bold pair of office pumps. 

Red Blazer

Bold Red Pout

There is truly no styling hazard know to womankind that a bold red pout cannot fix, even an awfully messy bad hair day! If you’re feeling down and lacking confidence because of a bad acne breakout, unwashed hair or clothes that are crying out to be ironed. Just take out your boldest red lipstick and flaunt it like a BOSS!

Red Lipstick

 Subtle Waves

Don’t have time to stop by at a salon and treat your hair to a signature blow dry? Don’t sweat it, you can get the blow-dried look at home in 10 minutes, using nothing but your good ‘old straightener. All have you to do is divide your hair into different sections, take a few strands of hair, twist them up real good or make braids, and then heat these twisted sections with the straightener. In no time, you can rock loose and romantic waves that will make you look like you just stepped out of the salon. Here is a video for other hair DIY hacks 

Wavey Hair 

 Little Black Dress

On days you simply cannot find the perfect outfit or feel like you don’t own anything inappropriate, just take out the time-tested and ever-reliable little black dress. This timeless and endlessly versatile garment is a powerful fashion weapon to flaunt old Hollywood style glamour with a bold aura.

 Pop some Glitter

Be it a wedding reception, an office dinner or a hot date, loud sequins and glittery ensembles are just what you need to stand out in the crowd and look glamorous without putting in too much effort. A sequined jumpsuit is the perfect outfit that requires no effort and gives you a stunning makeover within seconds. Glittery eye shadows, lipsticks and shimmery jewelry pieces also work the same magic!
Black sequin dress