Boho Style Bags: An Endless Realm of Ethnic Charm, Bold Colours, Embroideries & Much More

Boho style bags are a wonderful statement that allow women to stock up their wardrobes with versatile and functional accessories to rescue their style statements when help is most needed. We have a stunning variety of Boho bags to elevate your everyday outfits, formal statements, workwear apparel and much more.

Let’s take a look and explore what Boho style bags have to offer your wardrobe, shall we? 

Bright Pop of Colour

Boho is nothing short of a massive and powerful celebration of colours as it allows women to flaunt their curves with a prideful confidence that outshines and makes them stand out on the street. Boho style bags are a vibrantly bright blend of charming and bold colors that are juxtaposed in an eclectic blend to create a statement that is utterly and insanely powerful. These bright and colorful bags work splendidly well with simpler and understated outfits on days you’re running out of time to put together an elaborately accessorized outfit.


Embroidered Delights

Intricate embroideries and exquisitely handcrafted motifs are a token of artisanal work that allow women to elevate their contemporary casual and everyday streetwear looks with an abundance of charm. These delightful handcrafted specimens of fine craftsmanship beguile the onlookers with their romantic femininity, and their colorful Boho appeal with play up even the simplest of outfits with a bold pop of color. We have a glorious collection of artfully embroidered Boho style bags that will add grace and charm to your everyday statements, formal attire and modern streetwear looks with a distinctive ethnic and cultural appeal.

embroidered boho tote bag

Beads & Gems

Beaded designs encrusted with decorations, embellishments, stones and gems attract women for their elegance and ethnic charm. These rare delights are immensely unique and will garner you complements for your fine taste and distinctive sense of style. Needless to say, bohemian fashion places a great deal of emphasis on the beauty of gems and iconic beads, and these beaded Boho bags allow women to flaunt flamboyance and grace in one package! 


Tassels & Fringes

If you want to flaunt larger than life Boho bags inspired by American Texan accents, African American embellishments, and bold tribal accents without giving up on the chicness of contemporary trends, tassels and fringes are your best bet. These intricate details are a gorgeous blend between tribal and ethnic handcrafted techniques and the roaring fashion trends from the glorious 20s, 70s and 90s. You can immerse yourself in sassy cowgirl-inspired tassels or even the heavily fringed cocktail bags for a ramp-ready nightlife statement.