Bohemian Fashion Trend 2019

Bohemian fashion has undergone a remarkable evolution, and over the years, this trend that evolved from hipster movements and gypsy cultures have emerged as a dynamic lifestyle. This year, bohemian fashion trends are on the center-stage, be it the ramp, the runway or the streets. Designers, celebrities and women on the streets-everyone enjoys flaunting the bold accents of bright colors, romantically sensual ruffles, feathers, and billowy maxi dresses.
The best part about flaunting bohemian fashion trends is the simple fact that you don’t have to go overboard and spend hundreds of pounds to build a new wardrobe. Bohemian fashion is all about staying true to oneself, and if you’re a gypsy goddess at heart, this trend will truly come to you naturally. All it takes is a few key pieces to give your wardrobe a sassy bohemian makeover, and we’ve picked out everything you need!

Billowy Maxi Dresses

Ladies, maxi dresses are indeed one of the most versatile of all garments a woman could possibly own. This timeless bohemian fashion trend has managed to retain its grace and elegance over the years for it is truly an effortless statement to make sure you look elaborately elegant at any and every occasion. Their dramatic bohemian flair and romantic femininity is accentuated when you experiment in rich floral colors, bold animal prints, exquisite embroideries and sassy thigh-high slits.
Billowy Maxi Dress

Tassels & Fringes

From cocktail dresses and dramatic skirts to statement earrings, necklaces, handbags and much more-tassels and fringes are the hottest bohemian trend on the fashion radar. These flirtatiously playful delights are just what you need to give your outfits a loud pop of bohemian glamour!Tassel Earrings

Romantic Florals

A bohemian goddess always celebrates the bounties of Mother Nature through her exquisitely crafted fabrics, prints and color palettes, and romantic florals are an integral feature of a classic bohemian dress code. Year after year, designers celebrate bohemian fashion with an enchanting line-up of romantic and sensual floral designs that soothe the eyes with their serene color palettes.
Floral Dress

Exquisite Embroideries

Bohemian fashion cherishes and celebrates intricate embroideries and rich tribal accents from all over the world to create a unique blend of cultural inspiration, and artisanal handcrafting techniques. These exquisite embroideries carve out floral patterns, Aztec designs, and other cultural representation of needlework, which can be flaunted in a diverse range of silhouettes, including billowy kaftans, tunics, peasant-style tops and much more.
Rose Embroidered Tote Bag
Our Red Flowers Tote Bag compliments the bohemian style perfectly.