4 Reasons to be unique & stay true to your personal style

"When you don't dress like everyone else, you don't have to think like everyone else” -Iris Apfel

All human beings crave individuality and uniqueness, and when it comes to our personal sense of style, we always feel passionately and assertively about the trends that we adore. However, at times, pop cultural influences and social fashion norms compel us to hop aboard fleeting trend bandwagons and try to enjoy the ride despite being obviously uncomfortable.

It is incredibly important to own up to one’s own personal sense of style, and in this article, we will walk you through a series of compelling reasons why you must stay true to your own expressions of fashion.

Express your Identity

Style is nothing but your individual sense of expressing ourselves, and naturally, we all have our own artistic influences, dressing patterns, favorite colors and cherished trends. However, we always feel intimidated and restrained while sharing our style expressions with others. Confidence is always key my friends, and if you make the decision of flaunting your identity through your fashion choices, it will literally set you free!

Reasons to be unique fashion

Fight Back Insecurities

If you dress in your favorite statements, you will truly allow your personality to shine, which will boost not only your self-confidence and self-worth, but it will also make you more and more aware and connected with yourself. Valuing and loving oneself is an important prerequisite for self-awareness, and when you are fully comfortable with your own fashion choices, you can really shed away all your insecurities.

Reasons to be unique fashion

Don’t let the Clothes Wear YOU!

If you are uncomfortable or feeling unlike yourself, even the most glamorous and trendiest dress won’t make you look good, or feel good for that matter. You must take pride in flaunting your curves in ways that you adore and this will ignite a confidence that will allow you the power of owning up to your style statements, as opposed to have your clothes own your personality.

reasons to be unique fashion

Stand out in the Crowd

If you stop pushing yourself to deviate from your own personal sense of style just to be more acceptable in a certain social circle, you will find yourself fading away in a crowd, deprived of your uniqueness and individuality. Your personality will only shine and stand out if you have the courage to flaunt your body, skin and hair in ways that ignite your confidence and make you feel beautiful.

reasons to be unique fashion